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Once you request , receive & approve our formal quote  you can proceed to :
1 -   Make the 60% upfront payment 

2 -  Fill up the Contents form * Full contents must be provided for all formats to be printed.

3-    Wait from 6 to 8 working days for the first or 3 revisions via email .
4 -   Once the graphic proposal is fully approved it goes down to our PRINTING CUE... and from this point we are committed to turn it in within the agreed time. ( You can ask about prices for  our rush in service if required.)
5-    As soon as completed you will be notified by email including photos of the printouts.
6-    Your invoice  gets updated with the actual shipping cost so that you can pay the remaining balance.

7-    Once your payment is confirmed we will ship your goodies and send you the corresponding UPS tracking number.


Standard turn in time depends on our printing cue, and it starts counting from the day that the final printing PROOF is 100% approved by the client.

We do offer an rushed or ugent  turn in time service,  which can be shipped within 3  weeks once all  graphics are fully approved as well.  The fee for this service is percentual.
​3     SAMPLES

There is a $20 USD ( Refundable) cost per sample,  plus the shipping fee for a 300 or 600g standard size wedding invitation.   So the value of the Sample itself is fully reimbursed into the total price of your order if you decide to go for ( Shipping cost is not reimbursable) 





​Shipping and handling charges are in addition to imprinting costs.

Even when shipping prices are variable depending on the total weight of your project, we can give you an estimate.

We can not be responsible for damage during shipping. If your job suffers damage in transit ( which is very unlikely as it its packaged with care to keep it protected ) , you must file a claim against the carrier (UPS ) to recover the value.  We will try to reprint the order as quickly as possible, as a service to you, but we will have to charge the full price for the replacement, including a new non-refundable deposit. 
When you have decided to place an order for stationery, invitations, cards, or any other job, we can work with your designer to assure that the design is appropriate for letterpress production, How ever we provide our own in-house custom graphic design service at very reasonable prices ( risk free of having printing issues considering that some graphics are just not letterpress suitable) . We always include 3 revisions per custom design fee, extra revisions have a cost. ( Ask for a Quote )
We proudly offer our signature 100% cotton corresponding envelopes for most our standard invitation formats &  we also offer our gorgeous hand lettering service with authentic modern calligraphy on our envelopes which saves you time and money as we are responsible for replacing any ruined pieces. 
Letterpress printing  demands the use specific materials which offer unique technical properties  that can properly absorb the impact from the press whilst retaining depth & ink,  and that will not damage our machinery, so the only paper that we can use is our  own eco-friendly Premium 100% cotton paper.
We are glad to attempt to match any pantone color, however we do not guarantee perfect matches.
Machine made Pantone and other custom colours are available for additional charge just consider that a one-pound minimum order is due and must be paid in full by the client.

The final printing depth in letterpress is determined by many factors but the critical ones are Paper Thickness  and Line / Font Size ... so the smaller the font / lines the less notable the depth could be.

Letterpress printing does not allow printing 1 of just for approval or as samples.  It is important to understand that the setup process ( the most expensive part of the job) includes all the preliminary adjustments to the machine like leveling, alignment, machine inking, colour preparation, plates manufacturing etc to finally get the first piece perfectly printed which is quite complex and can take up to a full day . The only and most accurate printing proof for your stationery is the digital proof  that you receive by email.
Your approval of the final digital proof also confirms that will not be liable for any typographical, spelling or design errors. Changes after approval but prior to the press run will be allowed with a 40% surcharge.

We have had clients asking to see a proof of their project before they pay... But by all means, we can Not get our team started on any projects before the deal is sealed with the 50% upfront payment.
Our prices are calculated based on variable factors such as :
• Paper weight 120, 300 or 600g• Number of inks ( up to 3 ) each ink represents a new set up + new plates + new press inking.• Overall printing size (cm2) 
So the thicker the paper , the bigger the format and the more inks to be printed; The more expensive it gets.
*Blind printing counts as 1 ink as well.

It is important to understand that the most expensive part of the job is the SETUP  as it is the most time and knowledge consuming stage at which both little & big details must be arranged in order to get the first piece just "Perfect" ... Once the SETUP is finally ready every single piece of paper is manually fed and removed from the press, reason why letterpressing could be risky  requires a lot of craftsmanship and is subject to natural variations of colour, impression, registration and other sometimes imperceptible characteristics.​
The most effective and time saving way to get a quote is to let us know what your total budget is, however you can  also start by selecting paper sizes for each of your formats ( Invites, RSVP, Reception Cards etc.) decide how many colours would you like to appear in your stationery and then give us a hint of how many printouts would you be needing in total.


No changes or cancellations accepted after the order has been placed. In extraordinary circumstances, we may at our discretion accept change or cancellation orders, but we are not obligated to do so.
No refunds on any Letterpress orders.

Limited Guarantee:
We want you to be overjoyed with the final printed product !!! If there are flaws due to our workmanship or our mistake we will either reprint the flawed portion of the job at our expense or refund your deposit on your return of the flawed work, which will relieve us of further obligation,. However, note that Letterpress printing is a largely manual process and is therefore subject to natural variations of colour  impression, registration and other characteristics, and we do not allow claims for concerns of this nature.
*No claims accepted after 24hrs from Delivery.​
Terms & Conditions may change without notice.                                                    

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