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It isn't in my blood

Actualizado: 26 ago 2019

Enough with the song titles... (Sorry I can't help it!)

I just wanted to quickly talk about my heritage as I just got the results from 23&me

and it wasn't what I thought ...

36% Spanish, 4% Italian, 2% Irish, 1.3% French, 1% Jewish, 22.9 Native American and bits and pieces from who knows where...

DARNNN! I always thought that I would have a bigger % of Frenchines (is that even a word?)

I was so proud of my French great-grand-mother, I actually believed that french (language) was somewhere deep in me as I love watching French movies whilst eating "Croissants aux Amandes".


It is always surprisingly interesting to find out what's in your DNA, right? Well at least I can now say

that my printing passion should probably come from my European background... I have big respect for British, Italians, Germans and Spanish printers! STANDING OVATION!


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